World Conference

Írta: Dr. Cser Ágnes 2010. december 03. péntek, 08:12.

Regulations of the I World Conference on the Development of Universal Social Security System



European Forum on Street Children 2010

Írta: Dr. Cser Ágnes 2010. november 30. kedd, 00:00.

Youth rebellions in European Metropolis - Second and third generation migrant children and adolescents in search of their place in the society: challenges to national and EU policies under the new Lisbon Treaty European Federation for Street Children with Pupil Parent Partnership

London - 25-26. November 2010


3rd European meeting of EHESP

Írta: Dr. Cser Ágnes 2010. szeptember 28. kedd, 00:00.

Public Health, Poverty and Disability

Commercial Firms in Practice

Írta: Dr. Cser Ágnes 2010. máj. 14. péntek, 00:00.

"Business Law" is another significant issue from the Macedonian Lawyers Association. It is printed twice per year. The issue is about the theory and practice of law which encloses matters elaborated on each of the Lawyers meetings organized by the MLA.
Its first number was issued in June 2001.


Ágnes Cser Speech

Írta: Dr. Cser Ágnes 2009. december 10. csütörtök, 00:00.

European Federation for Street Children in cooperation with the Society of the Friends of Children (TPD) Poland

Hotel Felix, Warsaw, Poland

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